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temp0020_yellow Who is Breivik

I am a senior cameraman and TV-producer living in Bergen, Norway. I have worked with film- and TV production since 1986, first with my private company and as freelancer. Since 1993 I have been an employee of TV2, the biggest commercial broadcaster in Norway. 


temp0020_yellow Job CV

Conditions. I have worked different places around the world, under different environmental situations and weather conditions, from -40 to +40 degrees celcius. I am familiar with snow and ice, heat and desert and how to handle my the job under these circumstances.

Some Places I have worked:
Europe:Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Latvia, Lithuania, Tsjeckia, Kaliningrad, Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland. 
Middle East: Jordan, Israel, Iran, Irak. 
Africa: Libya, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Ghana, DR Kongo and Uganda.
Asia: Thailand, Pakistan, Turkey.
Others: Greenland. Island. Great Britain. USA.
South America: I have also travelled privately to Equador and Brazil and the Amazon jungle, Peru.



Also we tried to find out why it happened

A short stop on a long drive from Istanbul to Dogubayazit in Turkey 2006. We went to cover the outbreak of birdflu. When the staff at home saw our news stories from the middle of the birdflu village, they gathered for a crisis meeting to find out what to do whith us when we came home. They where sure we had got the birdflu.


Berlin wall

 The Berlin wall
 One small fragment of a
famous peace of art.

Taken with my mobile camera during news gathering in the German presidental election in 2005. Even if most of the wall is gone forever, there is still a big part left and taken care of, as a memory of the terrible time of the cold war.